Wolfmother - Wolfmother

by Wolfmother

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Considering the '60s psychedelic heavy metal sound which Wolfmother gained fame with in 2006 with their debut album Wolfmother, they could be called 'a band out of time'.

2x 12" LP, 180gm, insert, gatefold sleeve


A1          Dimension        

A2          White Unicorn 

A3          Woman

B1          Where Eagles Have Been            

B2          Apple Tree        

B3          Joker & The Thief           

C1          Colossal             

C2          Mind's Eye        

C3          Pyramid             

D1         Witchcraft         

D2         Tales    

D3         Love Train         

D4         Vagabond


Music On Vinyl, 2011 reissue

Originally released 2005

[Rock] [Hard Rock] [Psychedelic Rock]