Vito Ricci - I Was Crossing a Bridge

by Vito Ricci


2x 12" LP, compilation, remastered, gatefold sleeve

A1          The Ship Was Sailing

A2          Hollywood        

A3          Music In Fourths            

A4          Dub It  

A5          Riverflow Electronic      

B1          Bachelor            

B2          Commie Stories - Part 5

B3          I'm At That Party Right Now

B4          Cross-Court (Get It)

B5          Getting There   

B6          Commie Stories - Part 9

B7          The Centre Of The Bridge

C1          Deep Felt Music             

C2          Inferno - Part 1 

D1         Inferno - Part 3 

D2         Dox E Koo (Solo Voice)

D3         Inferno - Part 2 

D4         The Bride


Music From Memory, 2015

[Electronic] [Leftfield] [Techno] [Ambient] [Experimental] [Electro]