Various Artists - Southeast of Saturn

by Various Artists


Compilation of Michigan Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Space Rock

"A 90's hidden scene of musical groups surrounded byGreat Lakes, predisposed to sonic overload, Fender Jags, dreamvoices, and pedal adoration.  Undoubtedly, most of these bands were following the mesmerizing U.K. eviscerations of rock (let's say My Bloody Valentine, Spacemean 3, Ride) from a couple of years prior; but it was a very atuned hitch into the suck of rock's perceived final breath."

2x 12" LP, gatefold sleeve


A1 Majesty Crush - No. 1 Fan

A2 Spectacle - She Doesn't Believe

A3 Thirsty Forest Animals - Nape

A4 Füxa - Photon

A5 Delta Waves - Andromeda Drone

B1 Windy & Carl - Instrumental #2

B2 Asha Vida - Eskimo Summer

B3 Ten Second Dynasty - Continuum

B4 Children's Ice Cream - By The Hand of God

B5 Miss Bliss - Grey

C1 Astrobrite - Crasher

C2 Naming Mary - Stardriver

C3 Glider - Shift

C4 Space Monkeys - Serenity

C5 Jazzless - Something Warm About The Rain

D1 Lovesliescrushing - youreyesimmaculate

D2 Calliope - Laughing At Roadsigns

D3 Auburn Lull - June-Tide

D4 Thumbling - Butterfield Eight


Third Man Records, 2020
TMR-629  [0813547028884]


[Rock] [Shoegaze] [Dream Pop] [Space Rock]