Underworld - Drift Series 1: Sampler Edition

by Underworld


Karl Hyde and Rick Smith started the ambitious DRIFT project in November 2018, and have released new material almost every week for a year. This album contains a selection of the music from the DRIFT project. 

2x 12" LP, gatefold sleeve


A1          Appleshine       

A2          This Must Be Drum Street           

B1          Listen To Their No          

B2          Border Country

B3          Mile Bush Pride

C1          Schiphol Test    

C2          Brilliant Yes That Would Be        

D1         S T A R (Rebel Tech)       

D2         Imagine A Box  

D3         Custard Speedtalk


Caroline International, 2019


[Electronic] [Techno] [Experimental] [Acid House] [Electro] [Ambient]