Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - Eight Fragments Of An Illusion

by Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk



London-based producer Ulrich Schnauss and Danish guitarist and producer Jonas Munk have both unfolded their unique visions of electronic music over the past two decades, and they have been collaborating since the mid-2000s. "Eight Fragments Of An Illusion" is their first album in over four years, their third overall. The latest effort is ambient and introspective in nature, but with a kinetic, polyrhythmic energy pushing it forward. There's a floating quality to Ulrich's synthesizer washes and Munk's guitar patterns, yet the eight tracks are anchored by pulse and compositional direction.

1x 12" LP (transparent blue vinyl) + 1x 10" EP (transparent red vinyl), Limited edition (600 copies), obi strip

A1 Asteroid 2467

A2 Return To Burlington

A3 Solitary Falling

B1 Narkomfin

B2 Faint Lights In The Distance

B3 Along Deserted Streets

C1 Perpetual Motion

D1 Polychrome


Azure Vista Records, 2021


[Electronic] [Ambient]