Two Circles - The Underworld & You

by Two Circles


1x 12" LP, 180gr

English duo Two Circles release their sublime debut album ‘The Underworld & You’ on Unravelling Records. Comprised of father and son duo Nick and Noah de Grunwald, ‘Two Circles’ is the first collaborative project from the pair, despite them having worked on music together for years. ‘The Underworld & You’ was recorded at The Situation Room studio in West London while Noah was in his final year at university. It was co-produced by Two Circles with Tim Wills (Ian Brown, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). “We’ve been playing together informally for many years,” says Noah. “Dad taught me guitar chords when I was 14. I’d been trying to write my own songs, as he does in his own time. Eventually, it naturally just got to the place where we played each other songs around the table. He added harmonies to what I was doing and I played on what he was doing. Then we realised it sounded really good, and decided to record a few.” Two Circles tried to retain the almost magical, stripped-back intimacy that they had found themselves conjuring up together at home. This is reflected on their debut album with the dream like gentle production, born from the intimate round-the-table songwriting sessions. The gentle beauty of the duo’s harmonies and arrangements is most apparent on lead track ‘Ballet In A Snowstorm’, with other standouts including the Iron & Wine-esque ‘Lodestar’ and the driving americana of ‘Portland, Oregon’. Prior to Two Circles, Nick made two albums on his own as Channel D –‘Mosaic Of Disarray‘(2013) and ‘Unravelling’ (2016). Teaming up with his son steered his music away from dark, brooding soundscapes and towards something altogether brighter and imbued with a sense of harmony. It’s evident that there’s something very special about the entrancing musical spell woven by Two Circles on ‘The Underworld & You’. One listen and you’re likely to fall under it.


A1            Ballet In A Snowstorm  

A2            Cadence Love   

A3            Quatre Vents    

A4            Portland, Oregon           

A5            Lodestar            

B1            Sunshine Girl    

B2            Tumbledown    

B3            Ourselves Alone             

B4            Waves


Unravelling Records, 2018

[Folk] [Acoustic] [Rock] [Country]