Tonar E-Flip (Elliptical Tip) MM Cartridge

by Tonar

The cartridge is perhaps the most important component of your whole audio system. The cartridge converts the vibrations of the stylus into audio signals, which are amplified in the rest of your system. Hence, the cartridge determines largely the quality of the sound that you hear. What doesn't go in, doesn't come out. For that matter, selecting a cartridge is vital for your listening pleasure. In order to provide excellent sound reproduction at a modest price, Tonar has launched the Tonar Flip series of cartridges with high end models available to suit all budgets. The Tonar 1/2 inch standard mount Flip cartridges are available with a spherical, elliptical, hyper elliptical or Shibata stylus tip. These hyper-elliptical and Shibata cartridges offer particularly excellent sound reproduction in the higher frequency ranges. The use of the Shibata tip also reduces record and stylus wear to the absolute minimum.