Tom Petty - Wildflowers & All The Rest (3LP 2020 reissue)

by Tom Petty


Warner Records reissues an expanded version of Tom Petty’s album Wildflowers.
Dubbed Wildflowers & All The Rest for this campaign, the core offering is the remastered Wildflowers album plus a ten-track bonus album All The Rest. Together this represents all 25 songs from the original recording sessions. Five of the ten songs on All The Rest are previously unreleased.
3x 12" LP, 180gm, One Time Manufacture, gatefold sleeve
A1. Wildflowers
A2. You Don't Know How It Feels
A3. Time To Move On
A4. You Wreck Me
B1. It's Good To Be King
B2. Only a Broken Heart
B3. Honey Bee
B4. Don't Fade On Me
C1. Hard On Me
C2. Cabin Down Below
C3. To Find a Friend
C4. A Higher Place
D1. House In the Woods
D2. Crawling Back To You
D3. Wake Up Time

All The Rest
E1. Something Could Happen
E2. Leave Virginia Alone
E3. Climb That Hill Blues
E4. Confusion Wheel
E5. California
F1. Harry Green
F2. Hope You Never
F3. Somewhere Under Heaven
F4. Climb That Hill
F5. Hung Up and Overdue
Warner, 2020 reissue

Wildflowers album originally released 1994

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