Tina Dico - Fastland

by Tina Dico

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With heavenly vocals and a strong writing style, Iceland based singer/songwriter Tina Dico has topped the charts in her native Denmark and earned a Danish Grammy for Best Songwriter. When she was growing up, her father bought music based on the recording quality, not the genre. This introduced the young Tina to a variety of styles, while she liked Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell the most. She sure sounds like a modern version of them. 'Fastland' is her 11th album and is filled with beautiful soft singer-songwriter tracks.

1x 12” LP, gatefold sleeve


A1          Not Even Close 

A2          Devil's Door      

A3          Parked Car        

A4          Fancy   

A5          Hands  

B1          Night Out          

B2          Adams House   

B3          People Are Strange        

B4          Change Yourself             

B5          Something You Can Keep

BMG, 2018

[Pop] [Singer Songwriter]