Stone Roses - Turns Into Stone

by Stone Roses


The Stone Roses were the leaders of the Britain's late eighties' Madchester scene, merging Pop, Dance and Indie Rock in a seemingly effortless manner. Their sound resonated with a number of bands that followed The Stone Roses in their footsteps: the Charlatans and Happy Mondays among others. When released in 1992, Turns Into Stone functioned as a sop to Stone Roses fans expecting another smash album like their eponymous debut album from 1989. Silvertone Records released Turns Into Stone as a comprehensive collection of early Stone Roses material, hits and B-sides of exceptional quality. Includes their biggest hit "Fools Gold"!

1x 12" LP, 180gm, remastered

1. Elephant Stone (4:48)
2. The Hardest Thing In the World (2:39)
3. Going Down (2:46)
4. Mersey Paradise (2:44)
5. Standing Here (5:05)
6. Where Angels Play (4:15)
7. Simone (4:24)
8. Fools Gold (9:53)
9. What the World is Waiting For (3:55)
10. One Love (7:45)
11. Something's Burning (7:50)


    Music On Vinyl, 2012 Reissue

    Originally released 1992

    [Rock] [Indie Rock] [Psychedelic Rock] [Alternative Rock]