Spirit of the Beehive - Pleasure Suck

by The Spirit of the Beehive


The Spirit of the Beehive have a wide sonic palette within every song, pop rock rhythms and sweet melodies supporting dolefully sung detachment pair with atonal, crushingly heavy noise rock crafted perfectly to necessitate repeat listens. The band often alter their songs live to fit the personal experience of the show itself, and such obsession with mood has proven to be one of their most prevalent strengths.

1x 12" LP


A1          Pleasure Suck I  4:06

A2          Ricky (Caught Me Tryin')

A3          Time To Scratch Them All

A4          Pianos, Heavy Instrument

A5          Snow On The Moon

A6          Future Looks Bright (It's Blinding)

B1          Becomes The Truth       

B2          Big Brain

B3          Mono Light Crash

B4        Twenty First Road Trip

B5        Cops Come Looking

B6        Pleasure Suck II


Tiny Engines, 2017

[Rock] [Indie Rock] [Lo-Fi] [Shoegaze]