Gun Club - Miami

by The Gun Club


2x 12" LP, Special Edition with demos, gatefold sleeve 

A1          Carry Home      
A2          Like Calling Up Thunder
A3          Brother And Sister         
A4          Run Through The Jungle
A5          Devil In The Woods
A6          Texas Serenade
B1          Watermelon Man
B2          Bad Indian
B3          John Hardy
B4          Fire Of Love
B5          Sleeping In Blood City
B6          Mother Of Earth
C1          Carry Home (Demo)      
C2          Like Calling Up Thunder (Demo)
C3          Brother And Sister (Demo)         
C4          Run Through The Jungle (Demo)
C5          Devil In The Woods (Demo)       
C6          Texas Serenade (Demo)
D1         Watermelon Man (Demo)          
D2         Bad Indian (Demo)        
D3         John Hardy (Demo)       
D4         Fire Of Love (Demo)      
D5         Sleeping In Blood City (Demo)   
D6         Mother Of Earth (Demo)


Blixa Sounds, 2020 reissue
ETA 829  [850947008290]

Originally released 1982

[Rock] [Punk] [Blues Rock]