Sun Ra Quartet - Mystery of Being (boxset)

by Sun Ra Quartet


Featuring Sun Ra (Keyboards) Michael Ray (Trumpet), Luqman Ali (Drums) and  John Gilmore (Tenor Saxophone / Percussion)

3x 12" LP, 140gm, compilation


A1          My Favorite Things        
A2          Moon People    
A3          Rome At Twilight            
A4          When There Is No Sun  
B1          Sun Steps          
B2          Exactly Like You
B3          Friend And Friendship  
C1          The Horo           
C2          Sun, Sky And Wind        
D1         Springtime And Summer Idyll    
D2         Constellation    
E1          One Day In Rome           
E2          Bridge On The Ninth Dimension
E3          Along The Tiber
F1          Rebellion           
F2          The Mystery Of Being



Klimt Records, 2011
MJJ316  [889397831615]

[Jazz] [Post Bop] [Avantgarde]