Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird Things (25th Anniversary)

by Squarepusher


25th Anniversary edition of Squarepusher's classic debut album.

2x 12" LP + 10" EP, poly lined inner sleeves, 16 page 12” size booklet, wide spine outer sleeve, digital download

A1          Squarepusher Theme   

A2          Tundra

A3          The Swifty         

B1          Dimotane Co    

B2          Smedleys Melody          

B3          Windscale 2      

C1          North Circular  

C2          Goodnight Jade

C3          Theme From Ernest Borgnine    

D1         U.F.O.'s Over Leytonstone          

D2         Kodack

D3         Future Gibbon  

E1          Theme From Goodbye Renaldo 

F1          Deep Fried Pizza


Warp Records, 2021 reissue

Originally released 1996

[Electronic] [Drum n' Bass] [IDM]