Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (deluxe 4x LP boxset)

by Sonic Youth


Sonic Youth's 90's classic remastered and released in a deluxe box set with unreleased tracks and hard to find cover versions.

Original double-LP super remastered!
Plus previously unreleased "Eric's Trip" bedroom demo
Plus previously unreleased Daydream Nation live action!
Plus bonus tribute trax

4x 12" LP, remastered, deluxe edition box set, 16 page booklet

The Original Album:

A1          Teen Age Riot   

A2          Silver Rocket     

A3          The Sprawl        

B1          'Cross The Breeze           

B2          Eric's Trip          

B3          Total Trash        

C1          Hey Joni

C2          Providence        

C3          Candle 

C4          Rain King           

D1         Kissability          


D2         A) The Wonder

D3         B) Hyperstation

D4         Z) Eliminator Jr.

              Live Daydream

E1          The Sprawl

E2          'Cross The Breeze

E3          Hey Joni             

E4          Silver Rocket

F1          Kissability           

F2          Eric's Trip

F3          Candle

F4          The Wonder

F5          Hyperstation

G1         Eliminator Jr.     

G2         Providence        

G3         Teen Age Riot    

G4         Rain King            

G5         Totally Trashed

G6         Total Trash

      Cover Songs

H1         Within You Without You

H2         Touch Me I'm Sick

H3         Computer Age

H4         Electricity

H5         Eric's Trip (Demo)


Goofin' Records, 2007 Reissue

Originally released 1988

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