Soft Machine - Hidden Details

by Soft Machine


The studio album ‘Hidden Details’ is the first Soft Machine album (as opposed to Soft Machine Legacy) in 37 years. This is three quarters of the celebrated 1970’s version of the legendary Jazz-Rock group, which recorded the acclaimed ‘Softs’ album in 1975. It consists of: John Etheridge, Roy Babbington and John Marshall - completed by outstanding saxophone star Theo Travis (Robert Fripp/David Gilmour/Gong). The music is broad ranging from Psychedelia to Jazz Rock to free form improv to simple pop-ish tunes to hypnotic mood pieces. Whilst the line-up of Soft Machine may have changed many times since the heady days of the late 1960’s, the band’s spirit of musical adventure, and the ease with which it freely can move from powerful progressive jazz fusion to atmospheric psychedelia to free improvised jazz-rock to ambient loop music, continues to make it both unique and totally contemporary.

2x 12” LP, 180g, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition Blue or Orange coloured vinyl (150 copies worldwide of each)

A1          Hidden Details

A2          The Man Who Waved At Trains

A3          Ground Lift

A4          Night Sky

B1          Heart Off Guard

B2          Broken Hill

B3          Flight Of The Jett

B4          One Glove

B5          Out Bloody Intro

B6          Out Bloody Rageous (Part 1)

C1          Drifting White

C2          Life On Bridges

C3          Fourteen Hour Dream

C4          Breathe

D1         Only When

D2         Green Collared Man

D3         Ground Lift (alternative Take)

D4         JustAdd Hock

D5         SDS

D6         Round The Corner


Tonefloat Records, 2018


[Rock] [Jazz] [Fusion] [Prog-Rock]