Slow Meadow - Costero

by Slow Meadow


The Houston multi-instrumentalist Matt Kidd, who writes pastoral, deeply felt compositions as Slow Meadow's, 43-minute LP 'Costero'. The 10-song effort is Kidd's second as Slow Meadow, arriving two years after the 33-year-old's debut. 'Costero' is a spare and wistful collection of sketches for piano and string quartet, yet it's also immutably lush: One can hear in Kidd's soft focus motifs connections to contemporary minimalists such as Goldmund and Nils Frahm just as easily as the Romantic-era lions Satie and Chopin. The French illustrator Jan Garet contributed original pieces for each of Costero's ten songs, and the record was mastered by James Plotkin.

1x 12" LP, 180gm, insert with lyrics, digital download


A1          Ships Along The Harbor

A2          Boy In A Water Globe   

A3          Borderland Sorrows

A4          Cielo Rojo

A5          Brazos Fantasmas

B1          Lamellophone And The Gulf Of Mexico  

B2          Quintana

B3          Hurricane          

B4          Palo Volador


Hammock Music, 2017


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