Skygaze - Freedom (Limited Edition)

by Skygaze



Skygaze's outstanding 2018 LP pressed on 140g black wax and strictly limited to 300 copies.

Reworked vinyl-only cover designed by the highly talented Eva Álvarez Castro.

Originally released in 2018 as digital-only, this future-jazz LP from acclaimed Spanish producer Skygaze - aka Jaime Tellado - has long been doing the rounds among those with their ears to the ground.

Rooted in his recognition of the limitless potential to be found in electronic music production, Skygaze's 'Freedom' delivers a fusion of the modern-jazz aesthetic with sonics unapologetically borrowed from, among others, drum'n'bass, trap, hip-hop, glitch and footwork. The result is an album which, despite having been originally released around 3 years ago, is very much the sound of 'now'.

1x 12" LP

A1. Freedom
A2. Uncle's house
A3.  As always
A4.  Kaleidoscopes
A5.  All those dead tunes
B1.  Thieves like me
B2.  Transcendence
B3.  Massage
B4.  View from the moon
B5.  House sweet house
B6.  Easy


Thirtythree Circular Records, 2021

[Electronic] [Jazz] [Instrumental Hip Hop] [Future Jazz] [Drum n' Bass] [House] [Trap] [Footwork] [Fusion]