Silverchair - Frogstomp

by Silverchair


Australian post-grunge band Silverchair released their debut album Frogstomp when the band member were only 15 years of age. In just 9 days they recorded a fantastic album, in which they show that even young teenagers know how to rock. In the tradition of Pearl Jam and Nirvana they recorded an album sounding like Stone Temple Pilots. Daniel Johns is not only a great vocalist, but also a good guitar player, both playing slow as fast songs. Yes, this is definitely one of the best efforts you can make when you’re still this young. And even now almost 15 years after its release it sounds fantastic.

2x 12" LP, 180gm, Limited Edition (5.000 copies) on Lime Green Vinyl, etched side D, individually numbered, printed sleeves, gatefold sleeve

A1. Israel's Son
A2. Tomorrow
A3. Faultline
A4. Pure Massacre
B1. Shade
B2. Blind
B3. Leave Me Out
B4. Suicidal Dream
C1. Madman
C2. Undecided
C3. Cicada
C4. Findaway
-D- (Etched)

Music On Vinyl, 2019 reissue

Originally released 1995

[Rock] [Post-Grunge] [Alternative Rock]