Ryan Adams - Wednesdays

by Ryan Adams


Ryan Adams' first album in three years, Wednesdays, is purely raw, vulnerable, and honest. The music takes you on a deep dive exploring the complex heart of Ryan Adams, through a journey of love, pain, and heartbreak.  The LP includes an exclusive 7” with two bonus tracks.

1x 12" LP + 7"

A1          I'm Sorry And I Love You
A2          Who Is Going To Love Me Now If Not You
A3          When You Cross Over
A4          Walk In The Dark
A5          Poison & Pain
B1          Wednesdays
B2          Birmingham
B3          So, Anyways
B4          Mamma
B5          Lost In Time
B6          Dreaming You Backwards



Bonus 7”
A            It's Not That Kind Of Night          
B            Sunflowers



Pax Americana Recording Company, 2021
Pax-Am 066  [0842812129414]

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