Real Estate - The Main Thing

by Real Estate


Over the last decade, Real Estate have crafted warm yet meticulous pop-minded music, specialising in soaring melodies that are sentimentally evocative and unmistakably their own. The Main Thing dives even further into the musical dichotomies they’re known for—lilting, bright guitar lines set against emotionally nuanced lyrics, complex arrangements conveyed breezily— and what emerges is a superlative collection of interrogative songs as full of depth, strangeness and contradictions as they are lifting hooks.

2x 12" LP, gatefold sleeve, digital download


 A1         Friday  

A2          Paper Cup         

A3          Gone    

B1          You      

B2          November         

B3          Falling Down    

C1          Also A But         

C2          The Main Thing

C3          Shallow Sun      

D1         Sting     

D2         Silent World     

D3         Procession        

D4         Brother


Domino, 2020

[Rock] [Indie Rock]