Radiohead - Amnesiac

by Radiohead


2x 12" LP, 45rpm reissue, printed inner sleeves, gatefold sleeve, digital download

A1. Packt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box
    A2. Pyramid Song
      A3. Pull Pulk Revolving
        A4. You an Whose Army
          A5. I Might Be Wrong
            A6. Knives Out

            B1. The Morning Bell Amnesia
              B2. Dollars & Cents
                B3. Hunting Bears
                  B4. Like Spinning Plates

                    B5. Life In a Glasshouse


                    XL Recordings, 2016 reissue

                    Originally released 2001

                    [Rock] [Electronic] [Art Rock] [Experimental] [Alternative Rock]