Pounder - Breaking The World

by Pounder


Wasting no time keeping that envious momentum going, Pounder return with all guns blazing on 'Breaking the World'. Leaner, meaner, and all-too-accurately titled,'Breaking the World' sees the band - vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey, bassist Alejandro Corredor, and lead guitarist Tom Draper - getting both heavier and more anthemic, more American in their metal but also more wide-ranging in their reach. Comprising seven songs in a satisfyingly compact 37 minutes, 'Breaking the World' keeps the energy flowing freely across these more concertedly epic songs, but not once is there a feeling of bloat or padding out lengths just for the hell of it; these songs charge hard and are painted with solos of a godly nature and all sorts of tasteful twists.


1x 12" LP

A1          Spoils Of War
A2          Breaking The World
A3          Hard Road To Home
B1          Never Forever
B2          Hard City
B3          Give Me Rock
B4          Deadly Eyes


Shadow Kingdom Records, 2021
SKR178LP  [020286231004]

[Rock] [Speed Metal] [Heavy Metal]