Poltrock - Moods

by Poltrock

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Second album in the Mutes, Moods & Machines trilogy. Poltrock’s intimate bespoke piano sound of the 1st album is now embedded in organic ambient textures & cinematic soundscapes. Key to the distinct sound are the use of prepared piano’s, analogue synthesizers and his custom made Mellotron, an instrument that triggers pre-recorded sounds on a set of tapes. Moods is an intense musical experience; an atmospheric soundtrack to a haunting movie that doesn’t exist.

1x 12" LP + CD, white marbled vinyl

A1          Rik        

A2          Horns, She Said

A3          Bromley             

B1          Narrenschiff     

B2          I/O       

B3          Moodmachine


Poltrock Music, 2018

[Classical] [Contemporary Classical] [Modern Composition] [Ambient] [Cinematic]