Pixies - Pixies

by Pixies


“The lost “Purple Tape” recordings! The 9 songs found on the Pixies’ pioneering 1987 demo that never made it onto Come on Pilgrim. Limited edition on ORANGE VINYL”

The songs on this LP were recorded in March 1987 and were included on what has come to be known by die-hard Pixies fans as "The Purple Tape." From this collection of seventeen songs, eight were chosen to comprise the Pixies' first album, "Come On Pilgrim." These are the nine remaining songs and feature the original recording of "Here Comes Your Man," as well as a previously unreleased track, "Rock A My Soul."

1x 12" LP, Limited Edition, Orange Vinyl

A1          Broken Face

A2          Build High

A3          Rock A My Soul

A4          Down To The Well

A5          Break My Body

B1          Here Comes Your Man

B2          I'm Amazed

B3          Subbacultcha

B4          In Heaven


Cooking Vinyl, 2020 reissue

Originally released 1987 (cassette)

[Rock] [Alternative Rock] [Indie Rock]