OST - Anomalisa (Music by Carter Burwell)

by OST

€12,80 €16,00

Music from the Motion Picture by Carter Burwell


1x 12" LP, 180gm, Limited Edition of 1.000 copies, individually numbered, silver vinyl, insert


A1          Overture           

A2          Welcome To The Fregoli             

A3          Cin Cin City        

A4          Another Person

A5          None Of Them Are You

A6          Fregoli Elevator

A7          Lisa In His Room             

B1          Girls Just Want To Have Fun       

B2          Anomalisa         

B3          Cincinnati Sunrise          

B4          My Name Is Lawrence Gill          

B5          Breakfast With Lisa        

B6          Michael's Speech           

B7          Goddess Of Heaven


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