Modest Mouse - The Moon And Antartica

by Modest Mouse


2x 12" LP, 180gm, 15th Anniversary edition, remastered, printed inner sleeves, gatefold sleeve

A1. 3rd Planet 

A2. Gravity Rides Everything 

A3. Dark Center of the Universe 

A4. Perfect Disguise 

      B1. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes 
        B2. A Different City 
          B3. The Cold Part 
            B4. Alone Down There 

            C1. The Stars Are Projectors 
              C2. Wild Packs of Family Dogs 
                C3. Paper Thin Walls 
                  D1. I Came As a Rat 
                    D2. Lives 
                      D3. Life Like Weeds 

                        D4. What People Are Made of 


                        Music On Vinyl, 2010 Reissue

                        Originally released 2000

                        [Rock] [Indie Rock] [Alternative Rock]