Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (Mono)

by Miles Davis


Listed as one of the four most influential Jazz albums that happened to be released in 1959, so much has been said and written about Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue.  We could simply list some facts (best sold Jazz album ever worldwide). We could try to explain why it's the best Jazz album ever made, but the music itself will do that to you.

As Bill Evans said in the original liner notes for the record, the band did not play through any of these pieces prior to recording. Miles Davis laid out the themes before the tape rolled and the band improvised. The end results were fragile and wondrous. Recorded during 2 sessions in 1959, Kind of Blue worked on many different levels and will do so for many years to come.

Finally, Kind Of Blue can be heard again in its original mono version.

1x 12" LP, 180gm, remastered from original Mono tapes, 3mm sleeve


    A1. So What
    A2. Freddie Freeloader
    A3. Blue In Green
    B1. All Blues
    B2. Flamenco Sketches


      Music On Vinyl, 2013 reissue

      Originally released 1959

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