Massive Attack V Mad Professor Part II - Mezzanine remix tapes '98

by Massive Attack v Mad Professor

€19,00 €25,00

All 8 of the Mad Professor remixes included here are previously unreleased and include his dub mixes of 2 tracks not originally featured on Mezzanine but from the same period – Metal Banshee – a dub version of Superpredators which was a cover of Siouxie and the Banshee’s Metal Postcard – and Wire, a track they recorded for the soundtrack of the film Welcome to Sarajevo. 

1x 12" LP, 180gm, limited edition, pink translucent vinyl


E1          Metal Banshee (Mad Professor Mix One)

E2          Angel (Angel Dust)

E3          Teardrop (Mazaruni Dub One)

E4          Inertia Creeps (Floating On Dubwise)

F1          Risingson (Setting Sun Dub Two)

F2          Exchange (Mountain Steppers Dub)

F3          Wire (Leaping Dub)

F4          Group Four (Security Forces Dub)


Universal, 2019

[Electronic] [Dub] [Hip Hop] [Trip Hop]