Mary Lattimore - Collected Pieces (Limited Edition)

by Mary Lattimore


A compendium of lost and rare tracks from Mary Lattimore.

"Lattimore's vitruosity goes beyond technical ability: Sha has the uncanny ability to pluck a string in a way that will instantly make someone remember the taste of their fifth birthday cake" - Pitchfork

2x 12" LP, Limited Edition, Gold Rippled vinyl

A1 Wawa By The Ocean

A2 We Wave From Our Boats

A3 For Scott Kelly, Returned To Earth

B1 Your Glossy Camry

B2 Be My Four Eyes

C1 Pine Trees (Home Recording)

C2 We Just Found Out She Died

C3 What The Living Do

D1 Polly Of The Circus

D2 The Warm Shoulder

D3 Mary, You Were Wrong


Ghostly International, 2022


[Classical] [Electronic] [Ambient] [Experimental] [Contemporary]