London Symphony Orchestra - Tommy - As Performed By The London Symphony Orchestra & Chambre Choir With Guest Soloists

by London Symphony Orchestra


Esta maravilla es la versión sinfónica de la famosa ópera rock "Tommy", interpretada por The Who y The London Shymphonic Orchestra con solistas como Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwhistle; Ringo Starr, Steve Winwood, Richie Havens y Rod Stewart.


2x 12" LP

A1          Overture (Performer – Pete Townshend, The London Symphony Orchestra)

A2          It's A Boy           

A3          1921     

A4          Amazing Journey (Vocals – Pete Townshend)

A5          Sparks

A6          Eyesight To The Blind    

A7          Christmas          

B1          Cousin Kevin (Vocals – John Entwistle)

B2          The Acid Queen

B3          Underture

B4          Do You Think It's All Right           

B5          Fiddle About (Vocals – Ringo Starr)

B6          Pin Ball Wizard (Vocals – Rod Stewart)

C1          There’s A Doctor I’ve Found (Vocals – Steve Winwood)

C2          Go To The Mirror Boy   

C3          Tommy Can You Hear Me?         

C4          Smash The Mirror          

C5          I'm Free             

C6          Miracle Cure     

C7          Sensation (Vocals – Roger Daltrey)

D1         Sally Simpson (Vocals – Pete Townshend)

D2         Welcome (Vocals – Roger Daltrey)

D3         Tommy's Holiday Camp (Vocals – Ringo Starr)

D4         We're Not Gonna Take It (Vocals – Roger Daltrey)

D5         See Me, Feel Me (Vocals – Roger Daltrey)


Ode Records, 2015
ODE-00005-1  [888608665957]


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