Lamb - Fear of Fours

by Lamb


While their self-titled debut [MOVLP854] was revolutionary in fusing singer/songwriter vocals and Drum 'n' Bass, Lamb's second album sets the bar much higher. As on the band's debut, Andy Barlow proves he's one of the most capable and inventive producers in the electronic community.

2x 12" LP, 180gm, insert, gatefold sleeve

 - A -

A1. Soft Mistake
A2. Little Things
A3. B Line
A4. All In Your Hands
A5. Less Than Two

- B -

B1. Bonfire
B2. Ear Parcel

- C -

C1. Softly
C2. Here
C3. Fly

- D -

D1. Alien
D2. Five
D3. Lullaby


Music On Vinyl, 2015 Reissue

Originally released 1999


[Electronic] [Drum n' Bass] [Downtempo] [Leftfield] [Trip Hop]