Kosheen - Resist

by Kosheen


Kosheen were a British electronic music group consisting of singer-songwriter Sian Evans and songwriters/producers Markee Ledge and Darren Decoder. Their first album Resist was released in 2001 and includes their hits “Hide u” and "Catch". The album was a small move from Markee and Darren’s previous work in drum 'n' bass music. These influences are combined with a more poppy approach, creating music close related to the trip-hop and rock genre. 

2x 12" LP, 180gm, Limited Edition (1.000 copies), transparent yellow coloured vinyl, gatefold sleeve

- 1 -

1. Demonstrate

2. Hide U

3. Catch

4. Cover

5. Harder

6. (Slip & Slide) Suicide

7. Empty Skies

8. I Want It All


- 2 -

1. Resist

2. Hungry

3. Face In a Crowd

4. Pride

5. Cruelty

6. Let Go

7. Gone


Music On Vinyl, 2020 reissue

Originally released 2000


[Electronic] [Drum n Bass] [Breakbeat] [Downtempo] [Trip Hop]