Joe Bonamassa - Royal Tea (Limited Edition)

by Joe Bonamassa


Standard limited edition of two LPs on transparent vinyl


Royal Tea brings Bonamassa full-circle. These ten tracks reconnect the 43-year-old bandleader with the guitar-slinging kid from upstate New York, who stumbled across Jeff Beck Group’s Let Me Love You, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton and Cream’s Disraeli Gears in his dad’s vinyl collection – and promptly swore a lifelong blood oath to the British blues. “I would have been about twelve years old, and it was the sound I heard in my head. Like, ‘OK, I’m in. That’s what I want to be’. If I had a time machine, I’d have been born in ’46, turned twenty in ’66 – and come here, to London.”

Co-writing Royal Tea with a cast of homegrown notables including former Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden, ex-Cream lyricist Pete Brown and national-treasure piano man Jools Holland – not to mention trolleydashing Denmark Street’s guitar shops for British-made amps – only added to the vibe. “Writing this record in London has done its job,” reflects Bonamassa. “It really does sound inherently British. Bernie and I, we finish each other’s sentences. We’re cut from the same cloth. One of the things about Bernie is, I just have to ask him, ‘What would the British do?’ He had all of those chord changes. And I’m like, ‘Ah, that’s the sound’. And then you get all of these tunes…”
Ultimately, from the jaws of disaster, Joe Bonamassa has snatched a career-best release with Royal Tea, chalking up another chapter for the Abbey Road folklore, and finally delivering the album he’s dreamt of since the start.


2x 12" LP, Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl


A1          When One Door Opens

A2          Royal Tea          

B1          Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye         

B2          Lookout Man    

C1          High Class Girl  

C2          A Conversation With Alice          

C3          I Didn't Think She Would Do It   

D1         Beyond The Silence       

D2         Lonely Boy        

D3         Savannah          


Provogue, 2020
PRD 7629 1


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