Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me

by Joanna Newsom


3x 12" LP, box set, 8-page booklet


A1          Easy

A2          Have One On Me

A3          '81

B1          Good Intentions Paving Company

B2          No Provenance

B3          Baby Birch

C1          On A Good Day

C2          You And Me, Bess

C3          In California

D1         Jackrabbits

D2         Go Long

D3         Occident

E1          Soft As Chalk

E2          Esme

E3          Autumn

F1          Ribbon Bows

F2          Kingfisher

F3          Does Not Suffice (In California, Refrain)


Drag City, 2010

[Folk] [Pop] [Avant Garde] [Acoustic]