Incredible Bongo Band - Singles 7" Box Set

by Incredible Bongo Band

€25,00 €35,00

Record Store Day 2016 mirror board boxset, containing an insert telling the story of the band.

5x 7" singles, 45rpm, Box set, limited edition (RSD 2016), insert

A            Dueling Bongos

B            Let There Be Drums      

C            Bongo Rock       

D            Last Bongo In Belgium (Alternate Version)          

E            Apache

F            The Riot             

G            Bongolia            

H            Kiburi   

I             In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida      

J             Wipe Out


Mr Bongo, 2016

[Funk/Soul] [Breaks] [Latin] [Rock] [Psychedelic] [Instrumental]