Iceage - Beyondless

by Iceage


Copenhagen's Iceage -- Elias Bender R'nnenfelt (vocals, lyrics), Jakob Tvilling Pless (bass), Dan Kj'r Nielsen (drums), and Johan Wieth (guitar) -- will release their fourth album, 'Beyondless', on May 4th via Matador Records. They've returned last month with 'Catch It' their first new material since 2013's 'Plowing Into The Field of Love'. Beyondless radiates joy. It's an album that shows Iceage finally catching up with their ambition, all the while retaining the rich character of the band's brash beginnings. Iceage plays an aggressive version of Punk Rock that's intelligent, expressive and powerfully.

1x 12" LP

1. Hurrah
2. Pain Killer
3. Under the Sun
4. The Day the Music Dies
5. Plead the Fifth
6. Catch It
7. Thieves Like Us
8. Take It All
9. Showtime
10. Beyondless


Matador, 2018

[Rock] [Art Rock] [Post-Punk]