Henry Jackman - Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

by Henry Jackman


 The music to the Pokemon movie is composed by Henry jackman (Captain Phillips, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass). About the soundtrack he says: “Writing the music for Pokémon Detective Pikachu was immense fun. The movie itself was a unique invitation to create a new musical world representing all the wonderful and colorful characters of the Pokémon universe. I really enjoyed using many different sonic colors so, if you listen carefully, you can hear everything from the full symphony orchestra to analog vintage synths. I was also very happy to be working again with director Rob Letterman, who even tried to get his beloved 808 Drum Machine into the score, until we found it was fatally damaged. To have been selected to write music for such a well-loved and precious franchise is a great honor, and I greatly hope my best efforts contribute positively to the Pokémon experience.


The package includes a beautiful movie poster, extensive 4-page booklet + exclusive postcard. To top it all off we added an exclusive full colour picture of Pikachu on the D-side.


2x 12" LP, 180gm, Limited Edition White Vinyl, etched side D, poster, 4 page booklet, postcode, individually numbered, gatefold sleeve


A1          Mewtwo Awakes           
A2          Catching A Cubone        
A3          Bad News          
A4          Howard Clifford
A5          Ryme City          
A6          A Key To The Past          
A7          Aipom Attack    
A8          On The Case     
A9          Childhood Memories    
A10       Buddies
A11       The Interrogation Of Mr. Mime 
A12       The Roundhouse           
B1          Pikachu Vs. Charizard   
B2          Embrace            
B3          Digging Deeper
B4          Unauthorized Access     
B5          Greninja & Torterra       
B6          The Forest Of Healing   
C1          Shock To The System     
C2          Save The City    
C3          True Colors       
C4          Merge To One  
C5          Game On           
C6          Ditto Battle       
C7          Howard Unplugged       
C8          Epiphany           
C9          Together


Music On Vinyl/At The Movies, 2019
MOVATM251 [8719262011274]


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