Heed Orbit 2 Turntable Power Supply

by Heed Audio


The speed accuracy and stability of many belt drive turntables driven by a synchronous motor depends entirely upon the quality/consistency of frequency delivered by the domestic mains supply. However, mains frequency at 50Hz / 60Hz leaves much to be desired since it is subject to fluctuation, distortion, and other innumerable problems prior to reaching your listening room. The Heed Orbit 1 and Heed Orbit 2 off-board turntable power supplies offer a sophisticated solution to stabilise and improve any 4-pole, low-power 110V synchronous motor drive, elevating your deck’s sonic performance to startling new levels of musicality. Backgrounds become „blacker”, separation of instruments more sharply defined, while bass gains added depth, and the overall soundstage widens accordingly.

Both Orbit models give the added convenience of electronic speed change between 33 1/3 and 45 RPM via one single, elegant push-button in lieu of the rather fussy manual speed change arrangement of many turntables (removing the platter and shifting the belt on the motor pulley time and time again.)

The Orbit regulates your turntable’s motor drive via an intricate quadrature-quartz speed generator, providing unsurpassed speed accuracy and pitch stability. Packed into a hefty shielded steel casework (protecting the unit from electromagnetic interference and vibration) are two mains-filtering transformers, and a high-current amplification circuit to assure that the power passed onto your motor is smooth and constant, with no fluctuation and virtually immeasurable distortion.

The Orbit 1 requires a small modification of the motor circuitry (must be carried out by your qualified dealer/technician). The Orbit 2 adds the convenience of genuine plug & play compatibility (no modification necessary). Choosing between them is down to optimum performance vs. convenience of installation. You may rest assured, however, that the Orbit 2 trades in very little of the Orbit 1’s uncompromising technical and sonic performance for its plug & play practicability.


The Orbits can be the ideal partner for the vast majority of classic Rega turntables equipped with 4-pole, 110V synchronous motors (RP1, Planars 2&3, P2, P3, P25 and their OEM derivatives as marketed by the likes of NAD and Goldring – however not to the new 24V AC synchronous motor drive in their latest turntables), as well as various models offered by Nottingham Analogue, Thorens (TD150/160 series), Systemdeck, and Kuzma to name just a few. Last but not least the Orbit 1 also compliments the Linn Sondek LP12 as an affordable alternative to Linn’s top-of-the-line LP12/Lingo combination.