Hawkins - Aftermath

by The Hawkins



On "Aftermath" , The Hawkins rock n roll-wittnes is presented in slightly darkened nuances. The band's highly dynamic and quirky take on garage rock is performed with an underlying sense of held-back anger, angst, and apprehension. Experimental and bolder than before, "Aftermath" offers 6 tracks moving from explosive outbursts of energy to calmer, acoustic parts, with manic episodes in between. "Aftermath", a conceptual mini-album, dealing with the destructive aftermath of past relationships.

1x 12" LP, Limited Edition mini album (500 copies), blue vinyl

A1 Turncoat Killer

A2 Fifth Try

A3 Svääng

B1 Jim & Kate

B2 Cut me off , right?

B3 Aftermath


The Sign Records, 2021


[Rock] [Garage Rock] [Rock n' Roll]