Happy Mondays - The Early EP's (4x 12" Box set)

by Happy Mondays

€50,00 €60,00

4x 12" 45rpm EP, Box set, remastered, translucent coloured vinyl (1x green, 1x orange, 1x blue and 1x yellow)


Forty Five EP 

A            Delightful          
B1          This Feeling       
B2          Oasis    

Freaky Dancin'

C            Freaky Dancin' (Live)     
D1         The Egg (Mix)   
D2         Freaky Dancin' 

Tart Tart

E            Tart Tart            
F            Little Matchstick Owen's Rap     

24 Hour Party People

G            24 Hour Party People    
H1         Yahoo  
H2         Wah Wah (Think Tank)


London Records, 
LMS5521302  [5060555213022]


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