Happy Mondays - The Early EP's (4x 12" Box set)

by Happy Mondays


4x 12" 45rpm EP, Box set, remastered, translucent coloured vinyl (1x green, 1x orange, 1x blue and 1x yellow)


Forty Five EP 

A            Delightful          
B1          This Feeling       
B2          Oasis    

Freaky Dancin'

C            Freaky Dancin' (Live)     
D1         The Egg (Mix)   
D2         Freaky Dancin' 

Tart Tart

E            Tart Tart            
F            Little Matchstick Owen's Rap     

24 Hour Party People

G            24 Hour Party People    
H1         Yahoo  
H2         Wah Wah (Think Tank)


London Records, 
LMS5521302  [5060555213022]


[Rock] [Indie Rock]