Gigi Masin - Talk To The Sea

by Gigi Masin

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2017 Music From Memory (MFM002) compilation of selected works from Italian ambient musician Gigi Maslin, featuring both released and unreleased material spanning from 1985 to 2010. 

The Ventian composer released two obscure albums, Wind (1986) and The Wind Collector (1991), which gradually amassed a cult following among fans of ambient music. 

2x 12" LP, remastered, gatefold sleeve

A1          Snake Theory    4:58

A2          The Word Love  8:58

A3          Still        5:06

A4          Fata Morgana    4:42

B1          Redanzen           4:25

B2          Talk To The Sea 7:06

B3          Music For Chameleons  5:50

B4          Little Faith          5:49

C1          First Time Ruth Saw The Sea       3:19

C2          The Nylon Dollar             9:20

C3          The Kasparian Circle       7:44

C4          Nadir    1:51

D1         Stella Maris        6:41

D2         Call Me 4:24

D3         The City Lights   5:47

D4         She Wears Shades          3:18

D5         Almanac             2:30

2017 reissue

[Electronic] [Ambient]