Gary Clark Jr. - This Land

by Gary Clark Jr.


This Land offers a rich window into the musical soul of Gary Clark Jr. on his most ambitious work to date.  With themes that reflect introspective intimacy and unapologetic cultural consciousness.  A rare artist, a virtuoso genre-bender who transcends sound, style, race, gender and age.

2x 12" LP, gatefold sleeve

1. This Land
2. What About Us
3. I Got My Eyes On You (Locked & Loaded)
4. I Walk Alone
5. Feelin' Like a Million
6. Gotta Get Into Something
7. Got To Get Up
8. Feed the Babies
9. Pearl Cadillac
10. When I'm Gone
11. The Guitar Man
12. Low Down Rolling Stone
13. The Governor
14. Don't Wait Til Tomorrow
15. Dirty Dishes Blues
16. Highway 71
17. Did Dat

Warner, 2019


[Rock] [Blues] [Blues Rock] [Rhythm & Blues]