Four Tet - New Energy

por Four Tet


2x 12" LP, Gatefold sleeve

Created on a laptop computer using Ableton Live software to control and mix VST plugins as well as manipulations of audio recordings. Plugins used for sound generation include Omnisphere, Kontakt, Dexed and Arturia V Collection.

A1          Alap     

A2          Two Thousand And Seventeen  

A3          LA Trance

A4          Tremper            

B1          Lush

B2          Scientists           

B3          Falls 2  

B4          You Are Loved  

C1          SW9 9SL             

C2          10 Midi

C3          Memories         

D1         Daughter           

D2         Gentle Soul       

D3         Planet


Text Records, 2018

[Electronic] [Downtempo] [House] [Ambient] [Techno] [Minimal] [Modern Composition]