DJ Shadow - Live in Manchester: The Mountain Has Fallen Tour

by DJ Shadow


On Thursday, October 5th, 2017, DJ Shadow performed in Manchester, England.  It was an expansive set of music spanning his entire 25 year career, referencing Endtroducing... through to The Mountain Will Fall and everywhere in between.  This is a recording of that performance.

2x 12" LP, mixed, booklet, gatefold sleeve


- A -

Shadow Intro

Transmission Mountain

Blast Talkie

- B -

Berg Stem

Mongrel Show

- C -

Suicide Posse

Soul Days

- D -

Nobody Steam

Sideshow Donor


Mass Appeal, 2018

[Hip Hop] [Funk/Soul] [Electronic] [Instrumental] [Turntablism] [Trip Hop] [Abstract] [Experimental]