Devin Townsend Project - By A Thread (Live In London 2011)

by Devin Townsend Project


‘By A Thread’ documents 4 shows in London that saw Devin Townsend perform his quadriology of albums Ki, Addicted, Deconstruction & Ghost in full. Originally released in 2012 on CD/DVD and sold-out ever since, this is the first time they have ever been available on vinyl. Specifically mastered for vinyl, and available across 10 heavy-weight 180g LP’s in a sturdy two-piece box with LP-booklet and brand new liner notes. Each of the 4 albums performed live comes as a gatefold 2LP, as well as a fifth 2LP featuring the encore material performed across the 4 nights.

10x LP Boxset

Ki (Live In London November 10th, 2011)             1:46:39


A1          A Monday         
A2          Coast   
A3          Disruptr             
A4          Gato     
B1          Terminal            
B2          Heaven Send    
C1          Ain't Never Gonna Win
C2          Winter 
C3          Trainfire            
D1         Lady Helen        
D2         Ki          
D3         Quiet Riot          


Addicted (Live In London November 11th, 2011) 1:17:56


E1          Addicted!          
E2          Universe In A Ball!         
F1          Bend It Like Bender!      
F2          Supercrush!      
F3          Hyperdrive!      
G1         Resolve!            
G2         Ih-Ah!  
G3         The Way Home!
H1         Numbered!       
H2         Awake!


Deconstruction (Live In London November 12th, 2011)    1:40:10


I1           Praise The Lowered       
I2           Stand   
I3           Juular  
J1           Planet Of The Apes        
J2           Sumeria             
K1          The Mighty Masturbator            
L1          Pandemic          
L2          Deconstruction
L3          Poltergeist         


Ghost (Live In London November 13th, 2011)      1:39:48


M1        Fly        
M1        Heart Baby        
M3        Saloon 
N1         Feather
N2         Kawaii  
N3         Ghost   
O1         Blackberry         
O2         Monsoon
O3         Texada
P1          Seams  
P2          Infinite Ocean
P3          As You Were     


Bonus Material (Live In London November 10th - 13th, 2011)



Q1         Demon League 
Q2         Coast (Take 2)  
Q3         Synchronicity Freaks     
R1          Deep Peace       
R2          Pixilate
S1          Life       
S2          Kingdom            
S3          Fake Punk         
S4          Wallet Chain     
S5          Metal Dilemma
T1          Fall       
T2          Radial Highway
T3          Watch You



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