Destruction - Infernal Overkill

by Destruction


"Infernal Overkill", the debut album by German thrash metal legend Destruction, was originally released in 1985. On their first full-length effort, Destruction had refined their style, trading most of the heavy metal influences for even more speed, heaviness and ferocity - the development of a band that would later become one of Germany's most important extreme metal exports.

1x 12" LP, blue vinyl, printed inner sleeve, 2x posters, A5 photo

A1. Invincible Force


A2. Death Trap


A3. The Ritual


A4. Tormentor


B1. Bestial Invasion


B2. Thrash Attack


B3. Antichrist

B4. Black Death


Soul Food, 2020 reissue

Originally released 1985

[Metal] [Thrash Metal] [Speed Metal]