Defiled - Infinite Regress

by Defiled


Defiled come yet again, barging in like some crusty Godzilla made out of the stuff polished tech death nightmares are made from. The revered Samurai of death metal crush through the spiral ganglion with a sound rawer than shark sushi that still bites. 'Infinite Regress' is not for the faint of heart or intended for easy listening, but when giving the new monster some spins, the apparent fragments start to drift together once more– starting from a catchy fill, riff or grating grunt that morph into a strange hook relentlessly driving its spike into the brain.

1x 12" LP, Limited edition (225 copies), transparent vinyl, gatefold sleeve


A1 Intro

A2 Divide And Conquer

A3 Tragedy

A4 Systematic Decomposition

A5 So Blind

A6 Legacy

A7 Masses In Chaos

B1 Centuries

B2 Aftermath

B3 Invisible War

B4 Ignorant

B5 Slaverobot

B6 Infinite Regress
B7 Outro


Season of Mist, 2020


[Metal] [Death Metal]