Death Cab For Cutie - Thank You For Today

by Death Cab For Cutie

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Thank You for Today is the sound of Death Cab for Cutie both expanding and refining; a band twenty years into its evolution, still uncovering new curves in its signatures, new sonic corners to explore. The Seattle band's ninth studio album, recorded in Los Angeles with producer Rich Costey in late 2017 and early 2018, stands alongside classic Death Cab for Cutie albums including their 1998 debut Something About Airplanes and 2003's masterful Transatlanticism as a definitive collection -- ten tracks that are by turns beautiful and dynamic and darkly anthemic and bittersweet. 'I realized early on in the process that I wanted to write a record that is very much who we are,' says singer and guitarist Ben Gibbard. 'I wanted to go more inward, and create something more personal.' On songs such as the kinetic 'Gold Rush,' 'Northern Lights' and 'You Moved Away,' Gibbard ruminates on the flux going on in his hometown, and weaves a thread throughout the album about how interconnected geography is with memory, and how hard it can be to hold onto places, and to people, too.

1x 12" LP, 180g, digital download.

1. I Dreamt We Spoke Again
2. Summer Years
3. Gold Rush
4. Your Hurricane
5. When We Drive
6. Autumn Love
7. Northern Lights
8. You Moved Away
9. Near/Far
10. 60 & Punk


Atlantic Records, 2018

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