Crippled Black Phoenix - The Great Escape

by Crippled Black Phoenix

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With 'Great Escape', UK dark rockers Crippled Black Phoenix take you on their new adventure. From the angry 'Rain Black', to the unnerving 'Madman' and forgiving 'Nebulas'. The band is led by multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves (ex-Electric Wizard, ex-Iron Monkey). This U.K. supergroup and Progressive Post-Rock musical collective have featured nearly 30 members in their rotating roster. In 2006, they released their first album and started concentrating on live shows that often involved more than a dozen members on-stage. Recommended if you like: Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Red Sparrowes.

2x 12” LP, Limited edition (750 copies worldwide), White vinyl, gatefold sleeve

1. You Brought It Upon Yourselves
2. To You I Give
3. Uncivil War (Pt I)
4. Madman
5. Times, They Are A'raging
6. Rain Black, Reign Heavy
7. Slow Motion Breakdown
8. Nebulas
9. Las Diabolicas
10. Great Escape (Pt I)
11. Great Escape (Pt II)


    Season Of Mist, 2018


    [Rock] [Prog Rock] [Post Rock]